Burnt To A Crisp
Name's Bobbi, I'm 20. My life is music, work, and positivity. This is my personal blog. Lots of 2Pac, current song selections, gifs, and generally intriguing images. I reblog so much weed, I made a seperate blog for it, so follow if you're a fellow toker and you enjoy the beauty of the herb as much as I do. :)

My Herbal Life

"I’m the jealous type . You wanna know why? Because we started off as “just friends” too"


Physically, yes I can live without you. 
I can eat, breathe, and sleep all without you.

But if I’m not sharing half of a medium pizza with you, then I don’t want to eat.

And if I can’t feel your body move up and down as you breathe, I see no purpose in breathing.

And if I’m not waking up chest deep wrapped in your arms, then I don’t want to sleep.


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